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                Gas Detectors and Alarm ControllersGas Monitoring System

                FGS1000 Fire and Gas Alarm and Linkage Control System

                Distributed control system consisting of PLCs, displaying gas concentrations centrally and outputting alarm and linkage control signals


                No. Items FGS1000 No. Items FGS1000
                1 Mounting Cabinet 9 Main Body Material Q235
                2 Alarm Method Sound, light and LCD display Exterior Dimensions 1440 x 600 x 600 (mm)
                3 Display 22” LCD 10 Certifications CCCF,TüV6 /SIL3(or TüV4/SIL2)
                4 Power Supply 85~240VAC,50~60Hz;18~32VDC 11 Executive Standard GB16808-2008
                5 Max. Current AC 0.2A 12 Fire Protection Certification CCCF
                6 Input Signal 4~20mA analog signal,
                digital signal, RS485 signal
                13 Operating Temperatures -10℃~40℃
                7 Communication Mode RS485, Ethernet 14 Environment Humidity 10~95%RH (non-condensing)
                8 Protection Grade IP44

                Gas Monitoring System Based on Alarm Controller

                Displaying gas concentrations centrally and outputting alarm and linkage control signals,Connecting with alarm controllers


                No. Items FGS1000 No. Items FGS1000
                1 CPU Above PIII 1.8G 8 Communication Mode RS485,Ethernet
                2 Internal Memory Above 1G Operating Temperatures -10℃~40℃
                3 Display Above 1024X768 9 Environment Humidity 10~95%RH (non-condensing)
                4 Hard Disk Above 80G 10 Pressure Range 86~106KPa
                5 Operating System Windows XP 11 Applications Petrochemical industry, refinery, natural gas filling station,
                long distance pipeline, drilling platform, oil product, chemicals storage tank.
                6 Power Supply 185~240VAC,50~60Hz
                7 Input Signal RS485 signal