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                ExSaf Cycling Team

                ExSaf Cycling Team

                At a night in August, in a common restaurant in Tianjin, most clients of the restaurant had left, but there were still several clients in a room. In the morning, Manager Su came from Shenzhen to Tianjin for business trip. Gao…


                The 1st Cycling:Cycling Across Taklimakan Desert

                Cycling Across Taklimakan DesertAt 8:00am, the 11 cyclers got on their bicycles and set off from the hotel of Luntai County, starting the cycling across Taklimakan Desert…In fact, cycling across Taklimakan Desert was cycling along Tarim Road going ac


                The 2nd Cycling

                Surrounding Qinghai Lake After coming back from the desert, we never thought we would have the chance for cycling again. All the cyclers returned to their jobs: Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing, Hunan…After some time, when we recalled the cycling


                The 3rd Cycling

                Grassland in Inner MongoliaIt was the third year since the cycling activities bagan.On August 8, 2008, the 13 cyclers gathered in Manzhouli, from where we would cycle for Arun Banner. The 13 cyclers included the 11 who had participated in the cycling


                The 4th Cycling

                Luding&mdash;Everest Base Camp Since the cycling in desert in 2006, it has been the 4th cycling this year. This time, we are cycling to Tibet, along the route from Sichuan to Tibet. We, 14 cyclers in total, started from Luding, where the Red Army


                The 5th Cycling

                Lijiang &mdash;Lhasa Tibet In 2010, our cycling continued. On August 27, 10 young cyclers started from Lijiang and their destination was Lhasa.All the 10 cyclers worked in the R&D Center of the company. Chen Chuan, Liu Xiangwei and Feng Xu we


                The 6th Cycling

                ShenyangFrom the cycling in desert in 2006, upon the cycling activity of each year, cyclers from all over the country would gather at the designated place. 2011 was the 5th year. In the past five years, more and more young people had joined ExSaf and


                The 7th Cycling

                Xiamen RoundaboutIn the spring of 2012, it was the turn of East China Region to participate in ExSaf Cycling Team activities. On March 30, 20 cyclers gathered in Xiamen, preparing for the cycling from Xiamen Roundabout to Jimei Town in Zhangzhou, Hai


                The 8th Cycling

                Cycling in Desert AgainThe first 11 cyclers had tried many other places after the desert. However, when they mentioned cycling, they always talked about the first one in the desert. They still remembered their breakdown and helplessness at that time.


                The 9th Cycling

                Harbin&mdash;Chonghe Q3 of 2012 was the cycling season for ExSaf Cycling Team in Northeast China. The route we selected was from Harbin via Wuchang to Chonghe with the total length of 240km. According to our plan, the cycling would be finished in


                The 10th Cycling

                Kunming – Fuxian LakeOn November 22, 2012, the 12 cyclers participating in the Q4 activity of ExSaf Cycling Team gathered in Kunming, making preparations for the cycling from Kunming to Fuxian Lake and then back to Kunming. 10 out of the 12 cyclers w


                The 11th Cycling of ExSaf Cycling Team

                On March 29, 2013, 21 sales persons from East China Region of ExSaf gathered in Nanchang of Jiangxi Province, who would start the cycling of ExSaf Cycling Team for the first quarter of 2013 together with Su Yihua and Guo Shaoting from the headquarter


                The 12th Cycling of ExSaf Cycling Team

                During the cycling in desert for the second time in 2012, most members of the Northwest Cycling Team attended the cycling activity for the first time; in the course of cycling, the members developed from worry to contemplation, and then to confidence


                Visiting veterans for the second time

                On October 18, 2010, the 42 members of ExSaf 852 Group set off again for Yunnan, Sichuan, Hunan, Guangxi, and Guangdong to visit Expeditionary Army veterans.

                The cycling schedule is On October 18, 2010, the 42 members of ExSaf 852 Group set off again for Yunnan, Sichuan, Hunan, Guangxi, and Guangdong to visit Expeditionary Army veterans.